5 Reasons You Shouldn't Make A Free Online Will

A Will is one of the most important legal documents that you can make. 

Done well, it can ensure that your family is looked after and your wishes are clearly and legally communicated.

Done badly, or not at all, it can have devastating effects on your family, your money, your home and can end up in damaging and expensive legal battles. 

But Solicitors and Will Writers can be expensive and they are not always accessible during the current restrictions. 

But you shouldn’t be tempted by the many free online Will services just a Google away, here’s why:

1) You wouldn’t trust a computer to look after your children….

... so why trust it to look after your children!

It may seem like an obvious point but these automated systems deal with documents that decide who looks after your children, should you no longer to be around to do it. Throw into the mix the subtle differences between step-children, foster children and other dependents, you need the documents to be written correctly. 

Also, a human point of contact to give you updates on your Wills and answer any questions can assure you that everything is being drafted as expected. 

2) Lack of Storage

All Wills should be stored in a fireproof and secure container, most people choose to keep it with the legal firm that produced the Will or with a Will storage service. This often comes with an annual fee and another administration fee to access the originals of your Will.

3) Free Now, Expensive Later 

This isn’t a DIY or home improvement project, if a shelf goes wrong you only lose books and maybe a child-made decoration.

A contested Will could cost your family £10,000s along with the potential heartache of a legal battle. Making sure your wishes are clear and legally binding should be your priority over the initial cost. 

4) Delivered? Sealed? Signed?

Your Will being drafted is only part of the process, it does not come into effect until it has been signed and witnessed by two other people. 

A mistake at this stage can render the Will null and void, so it is always sensible to have the signed and witnessed Wills checked by a legal professional. 

5) “Solicitor drafted Wills are the gold-standard” - Martin Lewis, MoneySavingExpert

If you want peace of mind, or have a difficult and complex situation, then you should be looking for a reputable, SRA regulated and insured solicitor with a specialism in Wills and Probate to draft your Will. 

We make Solicitor services accessible to everyone, for around 50% of what they cost going directly to a High Street Legal firm