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Unique Benefits

Expert Solicitors

Unlike most other online services Expert Solicitors make sure every Torch Will represents your wishes in a clear and legally binding manner.

Unlimited Edits

Don't worry if you need any small details, like names or addresses, changing after you have completed your Wills. We will do that for free.

Free Storage

We don't charge for Will storage and we will store it securely for life. Most other services charge annual fees which can add up hugely over a lifetime


Partner Wills

Perfect for couples who want to protect their family


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Fixed Fee
Unlimited Simple Edits
Free Secure Storage


Everything you need to make a legally-binding Will


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Fixed Fee
Unlimited Simple Edits
Free Secure Storage

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3 Simple Steps



One of our expert solicitors will make sure that your Will covers all of your wishes. They may ask some questions to ensure it is everything that you need.

And only when you are happy, we send you paper copies of your Will to be signed and witnessed.

Our guided tool helps you through each stage of the process, keeping you confident that everything is covered.


Our Legal Partner

Josiah Hincks Solicitors are a well-established law firm and have been practising for over 90 years. They provide legal advice and support to both individuals and businesses and are able to assist with a wide range of legal matters.

Their expert solicitors make sure that each Torch Will and Power of Attorney represents your wishes in a clear and legally-binding manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Will?

It makes sure that you clearly state your intentions around your money, children, assets and funeral wishes after you die.

Don't all online services use solicitors for their Wills? 

No - the vast majority of online Will writing services are not checked by solicitors either.

Often they will have some solicitor oversight but the wills are being checked and produced by Will Writers, which anyone in the UK can refer to themselves as.

Why do I need people's names and addresses?

A key component to Will writing is for your intentions to be clearly stated.

By giving Full Names and their current Addresses, it allows the Executor of your Will to identify these people with much more ease.

What happens if I cannot complete the form in one attempt?

At the bottom of each page, you can simply click the “Save Later” button and you will begiven a link to be able to return to it later on any device.

Who is making sure my Will is legal and what I asked for?

We have an agreement with a long-standing award winning legal firm whose qualified and regulated solicitors will make sure that your Wills represent your wishes. If something isn't clear - they will send questions to be clarified.

Will I need to pay for a totally new Will if something changes?

Simple changes, such as a change of address of a person named in your will, are totally free. Please contact the Client Care Team via live chat or email.

For anything more complex, we may charge you a small fee for the amendments.

Where is my Will stored when it has been signed and witnessed? 

Once signed, your will is securely stored at the offices of our solicitors so you can rest assured knowing it will be kept safe for as long as it is needed.

If you wish to access your Will then our Client Care Team will help you with that.

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