Digital Wills - Are They Legal?

In short, no.

Digital Wills are not legally binding. 

Even in 2020, with the UK in and out of lockdown, with encrypted digital signature software and zoom meetings galore, you will still need :

         - a paper copy of your Will

         - signed with a pen (if you can find one)

         - and witnessed by two other people, in person

Then you are still not finished as the original needs to be stored securely in a fireproof place, ready for to be used at the right time. 

In a way, Wills are the most anti-2020 legal document around.

So with all of these legal requirements, why are there so many Online Wills providers? 

Collating your wishes online, getting a professional to draft and approve your Will through a website, contacting a legal firm or gaining advice online is all perfectly acceptable and can help you on your way to having a great experience. 

Be careful, when some companies say they have experts, they mean an employee who has drafted some Wills, not a solicitor. “Will writer” is not a protected title and can be used by anyone.

However, at the end of the process, you still need to have the paper copy in your hands to be signed and witnessed in person. So Digital Wills are merely a glance at what the future may bring, but as for now, they are not worth the clouds they are stored on.

Make sure that you have a Solicitor to ensurethat your Will covers your wishes in a clear and legally binding way.

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