What happens when I buy a will with torch (step by step)?

A Will is a legal document where you state your wishes after you die. There are two primary types of wills that can be made with Torch Legal: Single Wills and Partner Wills.

To start the process, there is a guided online form for you to fill in. It is advised that you have the following details with you before starting the form:

  1. Personal details
  2. If you are married, your partner's name and address
  3. Details of your children (or step-children), if you have any. You will also have to nominate a person to take legal guardianship at your children in case you and your spouse were to die leaving your children to survive you and they were still under 18.
  4. Details of your nominated executors or any replacement executors
  5. Details of all your beneficiaries
  6. Details of your residuary beneficiaries (if you have any) - What is left in your estate after all the individual gifts have been made and all expenses have been paid
  7. If you would like to include a gift to a charity?
  8. Your funeral wishes (if you have any)

You can always save your progress and come back another time to complete it. After completing all the sections, you will submit the form and make payment.

What happens next?

Your information will be sent to our legal team to draft the will. After the draft is completed, it will be checked by a qualified, regulated and insured solicitor to make sure that your will covers all of your wishes. They may ask you some questions by email if they need any clarification.

Once it is done, we will send the paper copies of your will to be signed and witnessed. Your wills are also stored securely for life free-of-charge. And if you have any small changes in your will, such as to names or addresses if they change, Torch Legal will edit your will for free.

If you are interested in making a will, Torch Legal can do this for you for £99 for a single will, or £149 for a partner will. You can contact us through the live chat or the enquiry form below, or call 0116 456 7897.

We make Solicitor services accessible to everyone, for around 50% of what they cost going directly to a High Street Legal firm